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Setting a target date gives people the opportunity to plan

Setting a target date gives people the opportunity to plan for this highly anticipated event.

Rod Beckstrom, President and CEO of ICANN, ICANN Press Release from 2 April 2012 regarding the New gTLD Reveal Day.

The facts after ICANN's most recent TAS and Reveal Day press releases:

1. The Reveal Day (30 April) will be postponed
2. It is unclear when TAS will reopen
3. ICANN will publish an update tomorrow, 27 April 2012

Given the news about TAS, Rod Beckstrom's statement sounds rather ironic and ICANN is committed to leave TAS closed until they can confirm that the problem has been resolved and testing has been completed. ICANN hasn't yet commented in public if there is a plan B if TAS is not considered safe.

Based on the FAQ re-opening may still take a while. TAS will only be reopened, when all applicants affected by the glitch have been notified. This entails that every affected applicant has been identified. According to ICANN, they are confident they will be able to obtain a complete list of applicants' file names and user names that were potentially viewable and applicants that had the ability to see them. In other words: It is unclear if a complete and reliable list of all parties affected exists. If it does it has to be verified.

Considering that ICANN will receive approximately 1000+ applications and application fees received are therefore more than US$ 185.000.000 - let alone further proceeds from gTLD auctions - ICANN’s credibility has suffered already. Clearly ICANN tries to avoid further mistakes at all costs. Credibility is one issue but ICANN probably also considers its liability for mistakes in the application process - in the past and in the future. Since there is no alternative application entity, the pressure on ICANN appears to be limited given the fact that ICANN manages to delay to re-opening by nearly two weeks with no information yet, when it is going to re-open TAS.

As Stéphane Van Gelder pointed out correctly: ICANN - Time to Act!

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