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Reveal Day scheduled for June 13th

Today ICANN announced several important dates for new gTLD applicants. The highly anticipated Reveal Day, when all gTLD applications and applicants will be announced, has been scheduled for June 13th.

TAS, the TLD Application System is scheduled to close on 30 May 2012, at 23:59 UTC after it has been re-opend on 22 May 2012.

On 13 June the formal objection filing period begins, lasting approximately 7 months. During this period, four different types of objections may be filed with the competent arbitration provider.

Batching positions will be revealed on 11 July, based on the digital archery results from 8 - 28 June.

ICANN also said that 500 applications remain incomplete. This is an increase of nearly 300 applications from the TAS Interruption Update from 4 May where 214 were incomplete due to missing payments. It remains unclear if this increase may be attributed to new last minute gTLD applications or simply applications that have been incomplete all the time. The latter seems more likely.

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